Break the imperialist war-terrorism spiral

If the imperialist war-terrorism spiral is not broken, we will always have more innocent victims to mourn, like the ones in Berlin and Jordan, perished in terror attacks that are the direct and inevitable consequence of crimes committed by imperialism in Mosul, Aleppo, Libya and Afghanistan.
The Italian Marxist-Leninist Party, according to facts, believes that it is impossible to break this spiral if imperialism does not leave those countries. Thus we strongly demand the Gentiloni government to retire Italian military forces from Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, to deny the US use of the Sigonella base for their strikes in the Middle East, to leave the international coalition against the Islamic State, to declare its neutrality in disputes between Sunni and Shiite states, including armed ones, to welcome, respect, assist and help migrants, particularly for what concerns jobs, housing, healthcare and education.
If the Gentiloni government persists in new duce Renzi's Mussolini-like, interventionist and warmongering policy, we shall hold it to be responsible of possible terror attacks that will claim the blood of the innocent Italian people.

 The Press Office of the PMLI

Florence, 20 December 2016, 1.35 pm